“Whenever I feel stuck – in my body or mind – I step on my mat
Through my practice I create space
Breathing and moving through each blockage of energy.
Both releasing and strengthening,
both in effort and relaxation.

By the end of my practise my sky has become clear,
feel light, I feel space, I feel alert and calm at the same time
I feel that all that was so tremendously important before,
is nothing more than a tiny event |
in all that I call my life.”

My offer to you

group schedule   privateclass


Yoga is empowering in many ways! Here is why:

Suited for everyone
No matter your sex, age or how flexible you are: you can do yoga. Yoga is about creating space in your body and mind so that you clear blockages and energy can move freely through your system. You don’t need to stand on your head to make that happen!

Promotes physical health
Yoga helps you to keep your body in good shape – internally and externally – so that it is able to function optimally, you feel energetic and you vibrate a healthy glow.

Quiet your mind
Our mind can be our biggest enemy as it just won’t stop. Yoga helps you to quiet the mind so that you are no longer enslaved by endless thinking.

Turning inward
Yoga helps you to turn inward, away from the huzzle and buzzle of daily life, away from all your desires, your stories, your wants, your needs and your expectations. It enables you to connect to your innerself and tune in with what you (truly) are, want and need. To find that ‘life purpose’.

Yoga off the mat: Self-realization
Once we start to bring the lessons we learn about ourselves on the Yoga mat into our daily lives, we are able to set ourselves free from our conditioned patterns and we may decide to live a life that feels more in line with our ‘life purpose’.


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