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Meet the experts and your teachers of Ayurdaay Nilayam

Dr Shailesh S. Muli 
dr shaileshDr Shailesh S. Muli lives in Pune, India and he is already many years active in his Ayurveda Clinic.

After his graduation in Ayurveda (BAMS) he specialized himself in: Pancha Karma, Garbhasanskar, Yoga, Pranayama and Asanas. He runs his own clinic in Pune and he also runs an Ayurveda farm where he has cows and an Ayurveda herbal garden. He is producing his own organic medicines, soals, milk and Ayurvedic skin products.

Since 2013 Dr Shailesh does vist Ayurdaay Nilayam in the Nederlands and he works closely with therapists in Nederland who study with him. Since 2013 he is also teaching different subject at different places in Nederland. What makes Dr Shailesh unique: his incredible knowledge, his wish to spread Ayurveda in the west with his students here and everything he is teaching has a high dosis of practice. Ayurveda is not just knowing, it is also doing after the right knowledge is there. Dr Shailesh is an expert in many of the classical texts and most of them are also used in the training from Ayurdaay Nilayam

Miriam Alberts
IMG_4645Miriam Alberts: started studying Ayurveda in 2014, she got the know about this wisdom when she lived in Israel. After her graduation in 2010 at the Academy of Ayurvedic studies she started working in that same Academy as a teacher for the practical classes. Miriam loves to share her knowledge and always comes with practical examples also when she is teaching theory from the classical texts. Since 2005 she is running her own Ayurveda business in Hengelo. And since 2013 she is working closely with Dr Shailesh and specialized herself in Pancha Karma. For the last years Miriam spend most of her time working in The Manna Home clinic in India, study Ayurveda and developed herself to become a teacher for her own students. In 2017 she started a education program for students in the West.

Miriam is owner and teacher at the education program (300 hours) Ayurdaay Nilayam, runs the Ayurdaay Nilayam clinic in Hengelo and is Co-owner from the Manna Home foundation in Kerala.

Guest teachers
Ayurdaay Nilayam regularly invites guest teachers. This can either be experts on a certain field or former students who have become experienced therapists
rajneeshVaidyar AneeshJan from Kerala, India will be guest teacher also in 2018-2020.
For the students of Ayurdaay this presents a perfect addition to the lessons.

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