So far, so good! Score 5 out of 5 stars from all clients who took the time to review my work on Facebook! Below are some of their comments. Feel welcome to leave your review as well! Thank you!

“I really enjoyed the massage. I got the feeling that you attuned to me very well and that you are also a sensitive person.”

“I love the Ayurvedic consultations that Amber gives! A year ago I had a ‘live’ consultations and today I had an online video consultation. Both were great! Real eye openers. She gives clear information and it’s refreshing and super interesting to know what certain food or habits do for your body. Amber gives good advice, doable tips and different options! So no annoying schedules that are impossible to incorporate in your daily life. Really happy to have a person like Amber to turn to if your body is out of balance.”

“Good morning Amber! Thanks for yesterday! I slept like a baby”

“What a professional and healing massage! Also due to the specific Ayurvedic oil she used. This in combination with an Ayurvedic consult has given me valuable new insights to improve my health.”

“I did my first workshop Ayurveda & Rejuvenation, yesterday with Amber, and I have to say: it was wonderful. For sure I will be back there!”

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