Ayurvedic consults


I invite every new client first for an intake consultation. This in order to get a full comprehension of your body constitution and doshic imbalances so that after the intake we can work in a holistic and therapeutical way towards a more balanced body and mind. 

A consult consists of:

  • a questionnaire that you fill out up front of your consultation
  • examination of your disbalance (vikruti): this consists of interview, polse and tongue diagnosis. We also discuss your complaints, digestion, stools, female cycle, (family) history of disease.
  • examination of your current diet and lifestyle

After the consult you will receive advice according to diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine. I also include some Yoga and breathing exercises where needed. I will send your personal Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advise within a week after the consultation. This is the start of your journey into becoming more balanced using Ayurveda. With the intake we can schedule follow up consultations and treatments as needed. 


Follow up consultations are an essential part of your progress towards balance.
It takes time for the body and mind to adjust – and it often takes time for you to find your way to a routine. That is normal. A follow up consult is needed to discuss your progress, for you to share your experiences and ask questions. For me as a therapist it is needed to check on your progress and see of the how the changes are effecting your body and mind. I will check your tongue and polse and ask your some additional questions. Within a week after the consultation I will give you my advise, either you continued as planned or I will advise some small changes. 

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