Ayurvedic intake consult – 60 minutes – € 75,-
Ayurvedic follow up consult – 25 minutes – € 30,-
Ayurvedic abhyanga oil massage OR Ayurvedic Udvartana powder massage – 75 min appointment (65-70 min massage) – € 65,-
Head massage + ear treatment (Karpoorana) – 30 min – € 35,-
Head massage + oil treatment (Shiro Picchu) – 30 min – € 35,-

You can pay with PIN in the practice.
Cancellations made less than 48 hours upfront of your appointment I will have to charge.

Per March 2020 I have new prices for my services. 

  • Because in 2019 I succesfully obtained my ‘Medische Basiskennis’ (medical basic knowledge PLATO certified), which is greatly valued being a therapist in the field of complementary medicine
  • In January 2020 I went to India for a three week Ayurvedic internship with renowned Ayurvedic doctors
  • Spring 2020 I will finish my training and become a fully certified Ayurvedic Therapist
  • I have not raised my prices since I started working within this field 2 years ago.
  • Many clients over the past year greatly enjoyed my services and suggested me to increase my prices because it is totally worth it. 
  • And more general aspects such as inflation indexing, studio rental, Ayurvedic products that I use etc.
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