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“Very good experience. I would recommend anyone who wants to gain knowledge of detox. Super nice and friendly teacher!” – participant of Ayurveda & Detox

“For me, a great way to begin to learn more about the basis of Ayurveda (& also yoga for me, I really enjoyed it). Something to bring home to work with me & live more continuously. Thank you, I am excited for next time. “ – participant of Ayurveda & Detox

“Overall amazing workshop. I loved the yoga sequence and would be nice to receive a sequence to practice to remove excess of ama.” – participant of Ayurveda & Detox

“A lot of practical information about stress management, it felt like very applicable and valueable tips to take home and a lovely yoga practice at the end.” – participant of Ayurveda & Stress Release

“The workshops fit well together. I am really happy I follow the whole training, because I feel then the Ayurvedic perspective and way of thinking really comes alive.” – participant of all 4 workshops

“I liked the detailed info about the dhatus, that was interesting to learn about. And I really liked the Ayur-Yoga practice today, it incorporated all I learned” – participant of workshop Ayurveda & Rejuvenation

“I experienced a full afternoon of inspiration to explore more about Ayurvedic health practice and connect this to my yoga life. Namasté.” – participant of Ayurveda & Rejuvenation

“This workshop was nice with many useful tips & recipes. The Yoga practice was also very nice, with all elements included. Overall great workshop. Looking forward to more workshops from uou. Thank you Amber” – participant of Ayurveda & Rejuvenation

Alma Yoga at Samana Yoga Center


Alma Yoga at Yogastudio de Pijp

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