Ayurveda & Menstrual cycle

Ayurveda & Menstrual cycles – The correct Care for happy menstruations
Teachers: Lola Peña and Amber Jägers
All levels
Date: November 10 from 1.00 till 4.30 pm

Ayurveda & Menstrual cycles – The correct Care for happy menstruations
We assume that certain symptoms are natural during the menses, but is not true. Pain, discomfort, PMS and other menstrual complaints are from Ayurvedic point of view a sign of imbalances in the body.
We often hear that women with menstrual complaints are prescribed anticonception pill. In our view this is not a cure as it only suppresses symptoms, rather than effecting the cause. With this workshop we want to empower women to tune into their own cycle and to heal imbalances yourself.

Learn how Ayurveda addresses menstruation; its relation to the moon; how the cycles relate to our emotions; how to eat according to each phase of your menstrual cycle; what should be the routine during your bleeding days and how to read your menstrual blood.

A very informative and valuable workshop for all women, including those who already reached their menopause. Because all women stay connected to the moon and her phases.
The workshop consists of theory and practice. The theory part will take about 2,5 with a little break in between. We take a 30 min break and then we continue with practical exercises that will help you to connect to your own cycle.


  • We start with an introduction of ourselves and the origin of Ayurveda. This introduction is part of every workshop.
    Lola Peña will continue with the first part – the theory – of this workshop.
  • We will clarify why feminism is challenging us. How menstruation is formed from the Ayurvedic point of view, its cycles and the relation to the moon.
  • Deep understanding of what is happening in each phase in the following 4 levels: Hormonal level, physical level, emotional level, and what to eat according to each point.
  • What does it mean to bleed in full moon or new moon. What is the role of apana vayu (a subdosha from Vata dosha) related to menstruation. How to avoid gynecological issues.
  • What are the restricted activities during the bleeding days according to the ancient texts and its effects. What are the menstrual disorders not related to structural of functional abnormalities.
  • How to read and check your blood. What is your blood trying to tell you?
  • We go deeper into the emotions behind certain menstrual imbalances and symptoms using a special technique called ‘emotional Biocoding’. This gives you a profound insight into the deeper layers of your imbalance.
  • How to counteract the most common imbalances and symptoms from home using Ayurvedic knowledge about diet, specific herbs and routine.


  • 30 min with a snack.


  • Supporting a healthy menstrual flow and relieving discomfort, there are a number of very effective yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing exercises) and other exercises.
  • We create a safe space so that through a unique guided meditation you will be able to reconnect to your own menstrual cycle on a deep level. After this meditation we will be sharing our experiences.
  • After this we go into a couple of more practical exercises that regulate apana vayu (a subdosha of Vata and very important for smooth and pain free menses, help release breast sensitivity and inflammation, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and menorrhagia (abundant menstruation).
  • We conclude with a delicious savasana and go home with a calm mind and lots of practical information.


  1. Ayurvedic knowledge
    Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in the West and even modern science is increasingly looking for remedies and solutions in Ayurveda. Yet there is often little understanding of this science. This is your chance to dive deeper into this ‘Science of Life’.
  2. Unique care for women
    In Western society the masculine energy prevails. There is an emphasis on: competition, action, rational thinking, the goal, the individual etc. Even though all women also carry masculine energy, there seems to be little or no space left to support and nourish our feminine site. The female energy is about: sharing, together, surrender, intuition, the process and the whole rather than the individual.
    The emphasis on the masculine creates all sorts of disbalances in women (and men!) – the physical, mental and emotional body. Therefore we created these workshops, to give you tools to nourish and celebrate your femininity and maintain or restore balance.
  3. All round perspective
    You can choose to follow a single workshop of the series ‘Ayurveda for women’. However, participating all 4 workshops will give you a deeper and all-round insight into women’s health from Ayurvedic perspective. We really recommend this.
  4. Gives self-insight
    With the knowledge of Ayurveda and practical information you will get direct insight into your cycle and its different phases. Now you will understand why you feel in a certain way from emotional, physical and mental perspective and what your body is trying to tell you.
    Even when you are already in menopause, you will still benefit from this knowledge, as all women are aligned to the moon biorhythm.
    Self-knowledge is the key to self-care.
  5. Practical & empowering
    You will learn how you can easily support your body – mind – soul, strengthening your relationship with your menstruation and female side. How to restore their balance from home, with home remedies, diet, routine and exercises. No chemical are involved, but instead, awareness and self-refection.

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Receive a:
5% discount when you book two workshops in once
10% discount when you book all four workshops in once.
over 15% discount when you book all four workshops early bird (before September 2nd)


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