Ayurveda & Dinacharya for women

Ayurveda & Dinacharya and Rutacharya for women – The perfect routine for women
Teachers: Lola Peña and Amber Jägers
All levels
Date: October 13 from 1.00 – 4.30 pm

Ayurveda & Dinacharya and Rutacharya for women – The perfect routine for women
A daily routine is the pillar for a long, healthy life. The best health care is the continuous, daily care that prevents, supports and restores. This is what Dinacharya – Ayurvedic daily routine – is all about. You will receive many practical tools on how to support the four pillars of health and how to align to the biorhythm of each day. Cleansing & nourishing your whole system every single day.
We also explore the fun of doing it and all its benefits. Learn how to be deeply connected to yourself with all the interrelationships along the day, month and seasons.

The workshop consists of theory and practice. The theory part will take about 1,5 to 2 hours. We take a 30 min break and then we continue with practical exercises.


  • We start with an introduction of ourselves and the origin of Ayurveda. This introduction is part of every workshop.
    Lola Peña will continue with the first part – the theory – of this workshop.
  • What is dinacharya (daily routine), Rutacharya (seasonal routine) and Shamana Practices.
  • What are the four pillars of health and how the energy of the day makes an impact in our biorhythm.
  • We will discuss how to start and finish our day according to the classical texts but giving it a practical approach to today’s life.
  • How to restore your energy levels assisting the body in its natural cleansing process while you slow down the aging action, making sure you nourish and tone up your temple – your body- in all the levels.
  • How to support your health along the month and briefly along the seasons.
  • What practices need to be avoided from the Ayurvedic point of view.


  • 15-20 min with a little snack


  • Supporting you Dinacharya, there are a number of very effective yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing exercises) and other exercises that foster your health.
  • Amber guides you through a practice that include reconnecting to your physical, mental and emotional state, heart opening to give and receive well during your day, face yoga, breast exercises and regulation of Vata dosha
  • We conclude with a delicious savasana and you will go home with a calm mind and all you need to integrate your dinacharya into your daily life and enjoy all its benefits.


  1. Ayurvedic knowledge
    Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in the West and even modern science is increasingly looking for remedies and solutions in Ayurveda. Yet there is often little understanding of this science. This is your chance to dive deeper into this ‘Science of Life’.
  2. Unique care for women
    In Western society the masculine energy prevails. There is an emphasis on: competition, action, rational thinking, the goal, the individual etc. Even though all women also carry masculine energy, there seems to be little or no space left to support and nourish our feminine site. The female energy is about: sharing, together, surrender, intuition, the process and the whole rather than the individual.
    The emphasis on the masculine creates all sorts of disbalances in women (and men!) – the physical, mental and emotional body. Therefore we created these workshops, to give you tools to nourish and celebrate your femininity and maintain or restore balance.
  3. All round perspective
    You can choose to follow a single workshop of the series ‘Ayurveda for women’. However, participating all 4 workshops will give you a deeper and all-round insight into women’s health from Ayurvedic perspective. We really recommend this.
  4. Gives self-insight
    From Ayurvedic point of view everybody has a unique ‘constitution’ and therefore different needs in order to maintain its perfect health. Through this workshop you will gain better understanding of how your ‘make-up’ is effected by the biorhythm of the day and how you can adopt a daily routine to your needs. Self-knowledge is the key to self-care.
  5. Practical & empowering
    You will learn how to easily integrate a daily routine at home; you will get a ¨cheat sheet¨ with a simple check list, for your daily, monthly and seasonal routine.
    Proper, natural self-care avoid doctor’s visits and use of chemicals.

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Receive a:
5% discount when you book two workshops in once
10% discount when you book all four workshops in once.
over 15% discount when you book all four workshops early bird (before September 2nd)


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