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Webinar Ayurveda & Detox – eliminate toxins from your system
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Date: Wednesday May 27
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Price: € 15,-

Spring and fall are the ultimate times to detoxify the body. Ayurvedic detox is not about juice fasting, raw food or losing weight, but about removing “ama” (waste) from the body, so that nutrients are properly absorbed and the system can recover. You will learn all about it in this unique Ayurvedic workshop.


This webinar is about 1,5 hours and is suited for those new to Ayurveda as well as those who are more familiar with the basic principles of the elements, doshas, dhatus and agni. Don’t worry: you are always free to ask questions.


  • I will start with some basic principles of Ayurveda, for some this might be a recap for some its essential start to this webinar.
  • Following I  explain the concept of ama, how its formed, the symptoms that tell us there is ama in the body and the different types of ama disorders in relation to the dosha(s) disturbed. I also explain why spring is the ultimate time for detoxification. 
  • We will discuss the importance of good digestion to prevent waste accumulating in your body. From Ayurveda we call this “agni”, the digestive fire. Agni is the antithesis to ama and therefore essential part of detoxification.
  • I explain to you why ama is often at the root of many disease process: once more emphasizing the importance of regular detoxification.
  • Now that you understand the seat and function od the doshas in the digestive tract and the concepts of agni and ama, we can go deeper into the actual detoxification process. 
  • We discuss all steps to a proper Ayurvedic detoxification: which includes mre than diet. In total there are 5 important steps to take. We discuss them in order and I explain to you what you can do in sense of diet, lifestyle, exercise, use of herbs and treatments in order to safely but profoundly detox your system. Here I distinguish between different the different mind-body (doshic types) because everyone is different and one cannot apply the same detox routine to every person.
  • I will also point out the contraindications for detoxification and which symptoms during a detox process tell us to stop or take a milder approach. Safe way is the only way.
  • You will ‘go home’ with a good understanding of detox in Ayurveda and a detoxplan to get started!
  • Please make sure to have a notebook at your side: it will be quite some information and therefore really a worthwhile webinar. 


Ayurvedic knowledge
Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in the West and even modern medicine is increasingly looking for remedies and solutions in Ayurveda. Yet there is often little understanding of this science. This is your chance to delve deeper into this “Science of Life” and learn the basics.

Gives self-insight
With the knowledge of Ayurveda and concrete examples you get immediate insight into how it is with your “ama” and “agni”.

Empowers you
You learn how you can remove “ama” with home remedies, diet, routine and exercises and improve “agni”. No expensive doctor visits and no chemical pills.

Start at home
In addition to all the tips & tricks, you go home with a ready-made detox plan. So you don’t have to sort anything out yourself and you can start right away.

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