Come alive! From self inquiry to living your passion!

Not too long ago I posted the following on Instagram.


“The whole freakin reason why I left 6 years of study to become a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist is this quote. I remember 4 years ago talking to a Psychologist at a down low stage in my life. She asked: “What is your biggest fear?” And I said: “To not live my purpose. To not be able to give what I have to give”. And you may think that sounds cheesy now, and you may think I just put up a dramatic story here on IG for likes or whatever. But it is the Truth. 
And I found what makes me come alive. Not Yoga, not Ayurveda. These are only my tools. What makes me come alive is for you to tap into what makes you come alive. I am not in this just for me, I am in this for you. 
I try to foster that by empowering you through Ayurveda & Yoga. A healing tool and a tool for spiritual growth. Because it takes self knowledge, faith and courage to go against the stream of the limiting concepts and expectations that your culture, your society, your education, your parents and you yourself have put up for you. Break through and come alive 👊🏼❤️”

Looking back at this post I now realize it has been one of the most powerful and deepest revelations I have made and captures the essence of my drive in life, and so in my work.

So – as I am sharing Ayurvedic knowledge and the benefits of Yoga – it is not my wish for you to take them as a set of rules, that you will just follow up blind minded. My aim is to engage with you! For us to share, experiment and through our gained self knowledge realize what is right for us. Meaning that what might be right for me, does not neccessary has to be right for you. Creation doesn’t do cloning and so shouldn’t we. We have the responsibility to come to our own understanding of ourselves and to learn how to balance that unique make up.

Ayurveda = self inquiry 
Do you want to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life? Then start to be curious about yourself. Self inquiry is the only pathway to gain self knowledge: to understand your physical and mental make up and tendencies. To see your pitfalls and to explore and experience the effects (karma: cause and effect) of your actions.
Ayurveda is not a text or a course. It is a living science and needs to be lived!
The aim of my work is to empower you.
I share Ayurvedic knowledge to help you understand its dynamics and basic principles. In this way you can use that knowledge to think for yourself and integrate its wisdom into your daily life.

The responsibility is all yours and the joy of sharing all mine 🙂

Do you want to know more about your ‘make up’ and learn how to balance yourself through Ayurveda & Yoga? Then contact me for an intake consult and lets clear the path for you to do – what makes you come alive 🙂

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