Private consult


My aim is to empower you also through Ayurveda!

I am Ayurvedic Nutritionist and at the moment I am studying to complete the course to become certified Ayurvedic therapist.
I give Ayurvedic nutritional advice. A first consult costs € 49,- and takes about 60 minutes.

A consult consists of:

  • examination of your basic constitution (prakruti)
  • examination of your disbalance (vikruti): this consists of interview, polse and tongue diagnosis
  • examination of your current diet and lifestyle

After the consult you will receive advice according to diet, lifestyle and physical (yoga) practice that can be beneficial. In case of chronic or severe complaints I will refer to an Ayurvedic doctor.

Follow up consults
Follow up consults take less time. We discuss your progress, I check your tongue and I will suggest adjustments in your routine if needed. A follow up consult takes about 30 min and costs € 25,-.

Book a consult
Are you interested in a consult? Contact me via the contact form.

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