Are you an acrobat or a yogi?

“If you want to become an acrobat, then go to a circus school, not a yoga class”

I am more active on instagram since a month or two. I benefit from this platform because I am able to reach a lot more people than I personally know, but honestly I was/am shocked by the pictures of ‘yogis’ twisting and turning themselves in the most acrobatic poses – often sticking out ‘certain’ (you know which) body parts – to make it all look very sexy and attractive for the viewer.

It is because of this image that is created about yoga – you have to be flexible, you have to be slim, you have to have colorful tight leggings – that people don’t even dare to enter a yoga school or come to my class apologizing straight away for not being ‘so flexible’.

Gosh, when I hear that, really, my heart bleeds….. The very thing that yoga means – namely – Union, has become base for a duality. Either you are fit for yoga, or you are not.

Now let me tell you this. You cannot have talent for yoga, there is no such thing. That is like saying that someone has a talent to exist, to be. You cannot be talented at that, because that you are.

Through yoga I wish for you to experience a sense of self, to experience the boundless within, so that you can experience that Union. Through asana practice we prepare for that experience, it is a tool, rather than a goal. And also here counts that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

My dear friends, don’t get trapped into the superficial display of acrobats under the name of yoga. Come to your mat to experience, not to perform.
Your body, mind and soul will be thankful, your ego will not, and that is exactly the point 🙂


Alma Yoga – by Amber

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